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Our team can provide advice on the launching, development, or expansion of a business, as well as the relocating of a company or the purchase of property.

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Gillen De Alwis is an established firm of solicitors with offices set in the heart of London. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptionally discreet and all-encompassing service to our clients. Our team of experienced solicitors pride themselves on delivering the highest quality of service that is tailored to meet the individual requirements of our clients.

​With over 100 years’ experience we deliver an unrivalled service across our core areas – welcoming private individuals, entrepreneurs and companies through to global corporations. Our policy is to deliver an honest, personable and highly discreet service at all times. With our proven results-based approach we always strive to deliver a cost-effective service frequently avoiding timely and costly litigation wherever possible. Our discretion is fundamental to our clients, as we understand that our clients’ reputation and integrity are paramount. Accordingly, we are frequently sought out to assist with highly sensitive and complex cases involving emergency crisis intervention & media management across our varied and high-profile client base.

After trying lots of solicitors with no luck, a friend recommended Gillen De Alwis, my life was changed with the professional help I was given, very friendly and organised with warm welcome , best Solicitors around. I will always recommend them.